Mimi Cheng's Dumplings









I photographed the lovely sisters behind Mimi Cheng's a new dumpling restaurant in the East Village. We had a lot of fun with this one. These talented ladies have quite the spot, all of their dumplings are made with organic free-ranged meat and they practice eco-conscious ways. They are inspiring to say the least, I'm in love with these new business models for restaurants that produce healthy and delicious fast food. They offer three types of dumplings and a seasonal veggie side. I am a huge fan say the least.

Mimi Cheng's 179 Second Ave. New York

Oahu Part II with One Kings Lane & The Luxury Collection






Hawaii_0859 1








Hawaii_0888 1





During my stay at The Royal Hawaiian on Oahu last month I had the pleasure of doing a little bit of exploring. I rented a car and headed to the North Shore. I love the many different microclimates of this island. I drove through central Oahu's pineapple fields, rows of spiky plants set in bright red dirt. When I reached the North Shore I met up with a couple friends and hung out on Chun's Reef before heading into Haleiwa for lunch at Opal Thai. I love all the local hole in the wall restaurants, its so important for me to eat like a local when I travel. This simple restaurant located in a strip mall did not disappoint. The charming owner greeted us and asked us our food preferences. He ordered us a wide array of delicious spicy thai food, nothing like washing it all down with a sweet Thai iced tea. With a happy belly I headed over towards Shark's Cove in Pūpūkea. They have a great little food truck scene and I highly recommend getting a poke bowl from Pupukea Grill. I then took a nice easy stroll through Waimea's Botanical Gardens, reaching the waterfall for a quick dip.

I continued my drive along the coast and down the east side of the island. I am obsessed with this part of the island. Its extremely lush and the road curves and hugs its sharp steep mountains. Its rains a lot there causing waterfalls down its crevices. This is where both Jurassic Park and LOST were filmed. The weather was alive and wild, the light surreal. I stopped at a local farmstead where I was greeted by the most lovely local woman and her husband. She has the most beautiful selection of tropical fruit all grown in the acres behind us. She had me try some of her local delicacies and all of the fruit she grows. I walked and explored the land where the banana trees grew. I took a portrait of her that warmed my heart.

I also loved Kailua for its perfect white sand beaches. Each part of the island offers a specific kind of beauty. Stunning homes line its beaches, with sandy roads and kids on beach cruisers. I could camp out there for awhile and be completely happy. Reminded me of the Caribbean beaches I know well and love. One morning my pal took me on a hike to Makapuʻu Lighthouse. When we reached the top we saw Molokai in the distance. We hiked down to the Makapu’u Tidepools, a pretty extreme treacherous hike down sharp lava rocks. So worth it when you reach these little habitats amongst the rocks. We swam in the tide pools amongst the sea urchin and fishies. After a hard hike, we headed to Chinatown for a well deserved lunch. Stopping into Tô Chau for some Pho. Another delicious hole in the wall that I highly recommend. After all your adventures nothing beats going back to my comfortable room in the Royal Hawaiian for a little R&R. I had a massage for my achey muscles at their Abhasa Spa and a dip in the pool. Love you Oahu!

A big thank you to One Kings Lane and The Luxury Collection for sending me on this trip. Be sure to check out One Kings Lane's The Perfect Day in Wakiki sale along with this video.

White Moustache Yogurt for Food & Wine Magazine








In the November issue of Food & Wine Magazine I photographed the lovely Homa Dashtaki of White Moustache Yogurt for their Food Artisans story. We shot the whole yogurt making process in Homa's Red Hook kitchen space. I adore this lady and her yogurt. Her family moved from Iran to California when she was just 8 years old, with fond memories of the yogurt her father made (where the name white moustache comes from). A few years ago they started their own business, the yogurt is rich, thick, perfectly tart and delicious. The sour cherry flavor being one of my favorites. Anyone who has tried their yogurts knows, its addictive! I wanted to share some outtakes of the whole yogurt making process that didn't make the cut.


Los Angeles Go-List













This is long overdue post. I was in LA back in August, WTF! Where has the time gone? This year went by at light speed. I cant believe I am already planning my end of the year trips. Anyway, I was in LA for almost a week visiting some pals and exploring. My pal Eva, guide extraordinaire made sure I saw a ton of things that were on my list and then some. LA is sprawling there is no doubt about it and everything tends to revolve around the traffic. Its pretty typical that you wont see your pals very often if you live on the east side and they on the west. Its pretty similar to how I don't see my friends that live in the Upper West Side, oh wait I don't have any friends that live on the Upper West :P

There are GREAT shops in LA and truly DELICIOUS food. I really loved the Arts District, Abbot Kinney in Venice and parts of Downtown. We visited Malibu for the beach of course. Below are some my favs from the trip.


Gjelina - Venice

Intelligentisia - Venice

Zinc - Arts District

Sqirl Kitchen - Silverlake

The Hart and the Hunter - at The Palihouse in Beverly Hills

Eggslut - Downtown LA

Grand Central Market - Downtown LA

La Chapter and The Ace Hotel- Downtown LA

The Pie Hole - Arts District


General Store - Venice

Toms Flagship - Venice

Matteo Home Furnishings - Arts District

Poketo - Arts District

Alchemy Works - Arts District

Lake Boutique - Silverlake

Lawson Fenning - Silverlake

Broome Street General Store - Silverlake

For a more extensive list check this out, you can only do so much in a week ;)

The Fat Radish Kitchen Diaries



Fat_Radish_ Day_2_0647







Fat_Radish_ Day_2_0471


Last year I had the pleasure to work with the team at The Fat Radish to photograph their first cookbook. Ben and Phil are the main faces behind the LES hot spot. Two of the most adorable and charming British men you'll ever have the opportunity to meet. Alongside the dream team of Julia Turshen and Nick Wilbur as their head chef. Its the first cookbook that I shot as well, so be nice ;) Its jam packed full of delicious vegetable heavy recipes. It was such an awesome opportunity and thanks to everyone at Rizzoli who made it happen.

Above are a few recipes from the book, as well as a bunch of outtakes. I also threw in a couple interior shots from the latest issue of Cereal Magazine Volume 7.

To see more and click here to buy a copy.

Fat Radish_cover0926

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